[Blender Addon] Renderlayer Manager

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[Blender Addon] Renderlayer Manager

Sebastian Fischer
44 ratings

The "Renderlayer Manager" is a free Blender addon that provides an easy and fast setup of renderlayer and file output nodes.

For a detailed documentation: Online-Documentation.


I think a lot of Blender artists can relate to this: The artwork or animation is finished and now it only needs to be rendered out. But there is still this compositing step that can improve the final images a little bit more. If you decide to do this extra step, the struggle begins: Every single renderpass needs to be enabled one by one, all the renderlayer and fileoutput nodes need to be setup, dozens of paths are copied and pasted, all the outputs need to be named and finally all the single node sockets have to be linked ...

This work is really tedious and time consuming and if you know what I am talking about: this addon is for you! The addon is designed to skip most of the explained steps above with just a few clicks.

This is a list of features the addon provides:

  • Clearly-Arranged User Interface: Everything you need to edit and create renderlayer and file output nodes in one single panel.

  • Automatic Nodetree Setup: Super fast and easy to setup. It's literally just one click.

  • Dynamic Filepaths: One filepath to rule them all. You define only one output path and all the file output paths are dynamically generated from it.

  • Precompositing: On top you will get a smart and easy way to premerge your renderlayer together to already see the final result.

Pay what you want or get it for free! I hope this addon is helpful and if you stumble over any bugs or just want to give feedback, feel free to contact me :).


Please use version 1.0 for Blender 2.83, version 1.1 for Blender 2.90 or 2.91. For Blender 2.92 or later use the most recent version.

Any Blender version before 2.83 is not supported.

I want this!


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